Mobile Time Tracking for Clarity

What are You Working on? This revolutionary new method of tracking time actually reaches out to you to help populate your timesheet.

Clarity Reporting
Convert Crystal to Jasper

AGE Software offers fixed price consulting services to develop Clarity reports, portlets, and dashboards.

Clarity ReportingReports/Portlets/Dashboards

We can make Crystal Reports, XCelsius, or JasperSoft do anything you need. Draw a report on a piece of paper, and we’ll bring it to life. We also can develop Portlets, Qlik dashboards or use any other reporting platform you like. Upgrading to Clarity 13? We can give you a fixed price quote to convert your Crystal Reports to JasperSoft.
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Clarity UpgradesFixed Price/No Risk

We’ve been upgrading Clarity since before version 6. We offer fixed-price upgrade services that can usually be complete within 2 weeks. With 15 years of Clarity upgrading experience, we have seen every type of legacy data corruption, and can quickly solve any data upgrade issues.
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Technical ConsultingOutsource Administration

Short on technical Clarity resources? Do you have periodic Clarity database querying needs, or an occasional report or portlet? Or do you need quick answers to Clarity technical questions? AGE software can have a Clarity expert on call for you for a fixed monthly cost, or on a project by project basis.
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WaYWoMobile Time Tracking

WaYWo (What are You Working on?) is the best mobile time tracking app ever created. There are 3 different ways to enter data which will make time tracking not only painless, but fun! Whether you like standard tracking, a job-costing timer, or a unique notification method of capturing time, WaYWo has it. Plus it is fully integrated with your Clarity repository.
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AGE XoggerSimplify Clarity Integration

Import/export .csv files into Clarity without any programming or configuration. Simply match your column headers to Clarity fields and the software will do the rest. No knowledge of XOG, or Gel, or programming is necessary. AGE Xogger can be set to run in the background, and if it sees a .csv file, Clarity will automatically be updated.
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PDWareResource Management

PDWare enhances the Clarity solution by letting you see if your portfolio of Clarity projects is achievable and to make decisions based on the data. We have a prioritized allocation algorithm to not only see if resources are overloaded, but which projects are affected because of it. Plus you get many canned Excel reports, Qlik Dashboards, what-if scenarios, and much more.
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About AGE

AGE Software has been providing technical services and add-on applications for ABT/Niku/Clarity clients since 1998.
What are You Working on?