WaYWoMobile Time Tracking

WaYWo is the best mobile time tracking app ever created. There are 3 different ways to enter data which will make time tracking not only painless, but fun! Whether you like standard tracking, a job-costing timer, or a unique notification method of capturing time, WaYWo has it. Plus it is fully integrated with your Clarity repository.

TimesheetStandard Tracking

Pick a week, pick a task, pick a day, enter time. All the functionality of a standard browser-based timesheet but mobile:

  • 1. Always logged in.
  • 2. Simple touch entry.
  • 3. Always available.

WaYWoNotification Based

Enter an interval like 1 hour. Your phone will ask you each hour what you are working on and offer a list of appropriate tasks. Pick a task and an hour will automatically be added to your timesheet. 7 notifications later your timesheet is fully filled out without you realizing it. No end-of-week remembering, no fudging and guessing, no fuss. Once you start you will not be able to go back to a standard timesheet.

Job CostingTimer Based

Pick a task and click Start. When you are done, click End. The phone's timer will do all the work for you--and it will work completely in the background, letting you make calls, use other apps, or just putting the phone to sleep. Perfect for users who need to more accurately measure their chargebacks.